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Wine List July 07

After years of travelling, in search of the ultimate Inn, suffering the corporate banality of hotels the world over. We finally got round to thinking:

'Hey! Let's just do it ourselves'.....
The Inn On front entrance
in the upstairs bar, sit on traditional wooden furniture and high stools or congregate round bench tables with your friends and neighbours. The atmosphere is cosy yet full of life
Adam or "Chef" as he likes to be called, will be happy to make you anything from a sandwich to sirloin steak, veggie haggis to venison...
If the pace upstairs is a touch too relaxed even mellow for your evening palate, then descend to the drinking den known as the lizard.
Rooms that are decorated in a traditional style that bring you a very contemporary offering. The rooms have biography books for kids. If it's a romantic weekend you're after, call ahead and we'll see if we can help to make your stay a wee bit special.
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