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Go on a First-Date Ideas for Men

Even though men are considered the strong sex who should never worry and must be unswerving, such thing as the anticipation of the first date with the woman a man likes makes him feel nervous. No wonder because the primary responsibility is on his shoulders. Drinking coffee together seems to be a good first-date idea, but you agree that it’s a bit old-fashioned. Of course, if the girl asks you to go to a coffee shop, you shouldn’t refuse her. But in case she asked you to decide what you’ll do, spend some time to look for some creative ideas or come up with your own.
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Let’s explore some amazing ideas to have a good first date.

1. Visit an art exhibition

If you or your date has a passion for art, why not get acquainted with the recent works of world-famous modernity artists? Find out about art galleries in your city, read reviews of this or that exhibition, or ask your friends about the good art galleries. This idea will let you avoid awkwardness. Moreover, you’ll easily find a topic to speak about.

2. Watch a movie outdoors

Your city certainly has an open-air cinema. If not, you may search for such activities in the cities nearby, or even organize it on your own. Make sure those city surroundings have a few beautiful places: it can be a clearing in the park or woodland. Take a blanket, your laptop with downloaded movies, don’t forget to take a power bank because your battery will run out quickly. Ask your girl about what she likes to eat and take her favorite food. Be sure that this first date will be memorable.

3. Play video games

This way of spending time is still popular among people of all ages. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like playing video games because their number is so large that it’s possible to satisfy even the pickiest person. Find out about clubs and other places where visitors can play Xbox or PlayStation. If you have one of these devices, invite your date home.

4. Go bowling

If you two like active games and can’t sit in one place for a long time, organize a bowling competition to decide who’s better. One may think that this game lost its popularity and relevance, but it depends on a person. Throwing a few balls in enough to feel the excitement and have the desire to win your opponent.

5. Amusement park

Having the first date in summer allows you to take your date to a theme park and try attractions. You shouldn’t take her to the dangerous attractions as soon as you’ve come to the park because not girls are thrill-seekers. But if your date agrees to visit them, be sure you’ll have an amazing date.

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